BIRTHDAY BOHEMIAN … Justina Blakeney

Happy birthday to one of my favourite bloggers … stylist and designer Justina Blakeney. She has her Sun and Mercury in dynamic Aries and this is reflected in her home’s bold colour scheme, with lots of fiery Aries colours like red, pink, orange and gold. [The photo above shows Justina wearing a hot pink dress … very Aries!] Bohemian individuals always have Uranus and/or Aquarius feature strongly in their horoscope and Justina has Venus in Aquarius square Uranus, so her creative style is bohemian, eclectic and inventive [she’s a big fan of vintage finds and recycling].

Justina’s Sun is trine Jupiter [planet of travel and animals] and her home features treasures from all around the world. I particularly love her exotic bedroom … complete with Suzani bedspread, beautiful Handira hanging above the bed, and collection of African masks. The gorgeous global feel continues throughout the house with the colourful carpets, cushions, patterns and textiles from different countries and cultures. Plus there’s also a collection of animal ornaments … including zebras, giraffes, elephants and horses.

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